Why YOU should always use a blush in your makeup routine


I know that always seems like a little too much but believe me a blush is actually a lot easier to use than a bronzer or even a highlighter, there I said it. I usually combine them all but lately I realized that on those days when I just want to achieve a fresh looking face my best bet is my blush.

Also, don’t believe the hype of having ONE perfect-do-it-all blush, no! I have all type of finishes textures and colors to help me achieve an infinity of looks with just one swipe.

Believe me, a blush with a little bit of shimmer in it can give you the most natural glow ever, I personally like to use the NARS orgasm blush but not the original one I love to play with the Orgasm X, described as a shimmering deep coral with gold pearl.

If you would feel more comfortable with a Satin finish, I can’t say enough good this about the new DIOR Rouge Blush, I love the shade Rose Montaigne for my daily looks but another shade that I absolutely adore is called 999 and is a very rich and bright pink, almost red shade.

On the days I want nothing on my skin but that little flush of color I like to go with a cream, one of my favorites that you probably saw thousands of times in my tutorials is a stick blush, the famous QUICKI by MILK. My favorite colors are BERRY which is a beautiful deep shade that can be very easily blended *Don’t hesitate to apply and blend with your fingers, it will help the product by warming it up and will be seamless on the skin* I also love the shade PERK which is a gorgeous coral.

Now, here is one that also does two different jobs but instead of being a blush and almost a highlighter this one plays gorgeously as a bronzer for light to medium skin tones, it’s the LAURA MERCIER Color infusion in shade CHAI. Another reason why I love this one is that it’s very matte and very long wear. The other shade I would have to recommand for almost any skin tone is the very rich Strawberry, between the intense color, matte finish and long wear it’s an absolute go-to.

Finally, the last blush I can’t leave from my favorites is the L’OREAL Paradise blush, it might be very budget friendly but it’s just as fabulously formulated as the most expensive ones from this list. My go to shade has to be “Just Curious“, it has a very subtile peach smell and the finish on the skin is silky, what more can we ask for under $7?



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  1. amie_erica wrote:

    I love this! You may actually get me back into blogs!

    Posted 1.3.20 Reply
  2. Sam wrote:

    This is so true! I do think that blush makes you look fresher and healthier when done right! Congratulations on the new website! Looking forward to all the new content šŸ’–šŸ’–šŸ’–

    Posted 1.4.20 Reply
  3. Christina wrote:

    Love you n I’m so happy for this congratulations love… you are an amazing beautiful woman XOXOXOXOXO

    Posted 1.4.20 Reply
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