More puffy sleeves please!

One of the biggest reasons I love the fact that puffy sleeves are so IN right now is because while I do not like drama in my life, I absolutely love it in my outfits!  What a better way to spice it up or make an entrance that some dramatic puffy sleeves? It’s assertive, powerful yet absolutely feminine.

But don’t worry, in 2020 we will be seeing them everywhere and many shops and creators are putting their own twist to make them as subtile or as dramatic as possible so there is a right sleeve for everyone.

Another reason why I love them so much is because they give a gorgeous structure to any silhouette, and I am as always so here for the “the bigger the bette” motto.

You know me, I’m all about confidence and this is such a great way to scream LOOK AT MY FABULOUS LOOKS without actually having to say a single word. Let the sleeves do all the talking.




































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