Another Banana Bread

I know I know, absolutely everyone has already posted about their Banana bread and rightfully so; it’s delicious, easy and did I say delicious?

I posted mine on instagram a few weeks ago and so many sent me pictures of their own following my little recipe it made my heart explode with joy. Made me realize how my mom feels when I proudly recreate something she would usually cook. I felt proud. To me, food reunites.

But since things are hard to find on an instagram feed a few weeks after being posted I thought it would be a good idea to create a little FOOD section here on the blog.

I even added my little video I did while baking mine, the quality of the video isn’t that great – frankly because I never thought you guys would enjoy it this much – but I promise to film the next one a little better!


2 cups all purpose flour

1 tea spoon baking soda

1 tea spoon kosher salt

1\2 cup of butter (or 100grams)

1 cup sugar

3 eggs

Vanilla extract (I put a lot but you definitely can do less, it’s about preferences)


If you want to make it less caloric, switch the butter for 1 cup of greek yogurt and use dates instead of sugar!











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  1. Agata Gusky wrote:

    Yumm…now I’ll def make it because I have the recipe! Thank you love
    Xx Agata

    Posted 5.4.20 Reply
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