Bronzed glam is my favorite, even during quarantine!

When it comes to makeup right now, I won’t lie, I do not take the time to apply it everyday.

I actually even enjoy giving some more love to my skin with some well deserved skin care.

However, when I do, I not only like to keep it pretty simple but especially it gives me a huge boost of confidence.

I never felt like I needed makeup, the confidence it’s giving me is more than purely esthetic, it gives me confidence that soon we will have our little routines to go back to, we will again enjoy date nights and getting all glamed-up.

On the days when I actually take the time to get ready in the morning play with my makeup and put on a cute outfit the whole day ends up so much more productive. I just feel like myself again and I get my #GirlBoss side to wake up again.

When I filmed this video, I felt so happy, for about an hour I forgot about everything going on right now and concentrated on enjoying my love for makeup and fashion. I hope you find a way to do the same for yourselves a few times a week, because right now it is necessary for all of us to find ways to stay happy and motivated, to remember to enjoy the little things in life.

While I always post my videos on Instagram I thought I would also post it here with all the products I used so it’s a lot easier.

I love you, please take the time to take care of yourself today. Apply that mask, play with that colorful lipstick. Enjoy the little things.


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