Getting ready together should always be this fun… and also this fast!

With my husband we spend ALL of our time together, do absolutely everything together the only thing that I used to do alone a lot was my videos and NOW we even do some of that together and I couldn’t be happier.

Today’s look was a very easy everyday type of vibe, I added heels for the video but I will be honest and tell you that I quickly swiped them for some white (comfy!) sneakers. Everything I wore was from h&m besides the shoes that are from public desire. Public desire is by the way a brand I love a lot as many of their models have a pretty wide fit, which is exactly what I need when it comes to heels.

I couldn’t find the same top that I got a week ago so I listed another one (that I also got!) that is very similar in shape.

Hope you will enjoy our new little videos together,




Militza Yovanka

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  1. Agata wrote:

    I love your little videos!!! Love love seeing you both so happy..warms my heart! Sending you all my love xxoo

    Posted 6.28.20 Reply
  2. Meagan wrote:

    I love these!! I love all your Fashion and your husbands! Truly helps me to See what i can wear too!!

    Posted 7.8.20 Reply
  3. Upasna wrote:

    Love your blog so much. I wish you posted more here. Love love love the necklace specially. Can I request for a link for your chain necklace?
    Thank you ♥️

    Posted 9.6.20 Reply
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