Dress up with me: Episode 1

Do not underestimate the power of the clothing you wear and how it makes you feel, and THIS outfit made me feel great, yes it was just to spend hours answering emails, take calls and go for a walk with my husband and dog. It still mattered.

I don’t know for you, but even before the whole world stopped and lockdowns / quarantines started I was mostly working from home, and if I didn’t have to I would stay in my pyjamas or comfy clothes all day, not getting ready at all besides a shower/teeth brushing and some skin care. I would get super glamed for an event, when I had to film but if there was no actual obligations I would just skip it all together!

It got worst after dealing with DVT (blood clots) in March and the quarantine starting. A few months in I realized I abandoned myself, I was in survival mode constantly, waiting for life to happen and only capable of putting myself together for others.

I felt constantly down and couldn’t get myself to do much at all during the day and felt – when I was actually doing anything – like I was faking it.

You probably felt that at some point during quarantine or your first time working from home, it seems fun at first but then things change. Your routine builds itself, you wake up later or reach for your phone first, you don’t move enough, you feel overwhelmed because it’s new and it feels off. For some people this was a great opportunity to build an even better routine – if that is your case – please share what worked for you so we can all learn.

For me the change was for the worst, I then decided that I just needed to be more active, I was constantly afraid a new DVT would happen and I needed to do something to feel strong again, so I started working out, I was so obsessed with my work that I abandoned the idea of taking 30 minutes a day (30 MINUTES out of 1440) for my body, for 3 years I forgot my body.

I finally got to my senses and decided to build a weekly work out and I definitely helped, my anxiety almost disappeared, my energy level was amazing it just felt right, I started waking up earlier and earlier and felt incredible.

But it made me realize that it still wasn’t enough, my routine was too “homey” I needed to feel more put together again.

My leggings sweaters and pyjamas – while still very important – were actually an issue!

Many studies support the idea that getting ready in the morning and putting on an outfit that makes you feel GOOD helps you be more productive, especially when working from home. For most of us working from home wasn’t always part of the routine and we had no one to learn from so it got a little messy – but that’s okay, at least it gives us the opportunity to build a very personal and tailored routine that can help us feel amazing.

When I say getting ready I don’t mean overly extra, I don’t mean high heels everyday (Unless that makes you 😊) or wearing a suit everyday.

I’m talking about putting yourself together, putting on your work look, putting

yourself in “work mode”, at least for a few hours during the day so you can be your most productive self before being able to put your work to rest and go back to that comfy little outfit you love and enjoy your home and family life again.

Now I love dressing up for the day again, even if I stay at home and deal with editing or emails all day long. I put a pretty outfit on (not always a comfortable one) and immediately my whole energy is different, I sit and hold myself differently I just have a different mood. Then, once the work is done it helps me mark the end of the day to jump in the shower change to something comfy and go back to my family life.

At first it feels a little off, but then it makes the biggest difference, it motivates you, it makes you feel good about yourself for YOURSELF and truly at the end of the day it’s all that matters.


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  1. Agata wrote:

    Oh I remember being so worried about you when you had your blood clots! I’m so happy you are ok now! You look absolutely beautiful! Yes! I have to do ME for ME! I have to I know. I’m working on me. I explained more in your DM. You are an Angel on Earth! So grateful to know you! Love you for all you do! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your words of encouragement, wisdom, love, support and everything in between! Love you,
    Agata xxoo

    Posted 11.24.20 Reply
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