30 Days of Outfits: Day 8


Brown and blue together just make me SO happy, no idea why but this combo has been a huge favorite.
One of the things I love the most about this type of dresses (you can see it better in the video HERE) is that it’s adjustable and I’ll take anything (almost) that is adjustable on a dress or top. I love being able to adjust what I’m wearing to my body and not the other way around!
When it comes to this shacket this is my first time buying one that is this long and I have no regrets, it’s perfect especially for someone like me that loves to wear dresses, skirts and shorts even during colder days!

The boots I’m wearing are out of stock but I found some even cutter ones, that I might have just orderer in a different color, oops!


I made sure to list the pieces I wore in this look and some other similar options and of course options for my plus size babes that you can find below. Video of this look HERE

You can also find Plus size options for my beautiful curvy babes here:

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