My AMAZON Favorites

If you are anything like me, you order a HUGE amount of everything and anything from amazon. When the pandemic started – hmmm… a YEAR ago this still sounds insane – I was ordering everything from food to home supplies, work supplies I mean really everything. My favorite thing to order on amazon has to be beauty products and my Gym favorites (I mean who could say no to a perfect dupe of a $200 legging? That fits like a glove and costs only $20) 

I will be honest tho, sometimes there are fails and products I ended up not liking or even returning (yeah it’s very rare that I actually return things I feel guilty doing it, crazy I KNOW). To avoid YOU my mistakes I decided to create a page full of my favorites, I listed it all and will keep updating you but you will be able to find everything from my favorite leggings, go to skin care and affordable makeup to my go to kitchen tools and more.


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