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How to achieve THE Fluffy eyebrows! But what do we do when we just don’t have them naturally?

Maybe your brows are naturally thin, maybe you played with tweezers a little too much…. But don’t worry there is makeup to help us fix that and create the perfect fluffy eyebrows.

The internet saw – unfortunately for my ego – many stages of me looking for the right products for my eyebrows.
After years of trials and errors I can confirm that VERY few products can help with very thin brows. However I did find some amazing ones.

In my opinion, the eyebrow pen is THE product you need to achieve the fluffy eyebrows.
I personally have been loving the Juvias Place one (Ebony) and the Anastasia Beverly Hills (both dark brown or ebony). Always remember to match it to your hair color for a natural look.
The thin tip of the pens is the only way to “fake” hairs in the front of the brow, essential for the fluffy eyebrow look.

Seeing that a lot of people used to make fun of me for my eyebrows, I’m now happy to say that most people are surprised when I tell them they’re 90% made of makeup!
The secret to fluffy eyebrows is to practice and draw on hair like strokes as similar in size and direction as possible to your natural hairs.

Below you will find a video tutorial on how to achieve fluffy eyebrows in a few very simple steps. I sincerely hope the video is helpful for those of you having a hard time achieving your desired look. In addition, I would also recommend using a good eyebrow gel to help add some volume and hold the look all day long.




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